Friday, January 8, 2010

10th Jan 2010

I've decided to start this blog to document our second year in Porepunkah, if not just for our own record, but to communicate with the world, thereby easing our cravings for city connectedness, requiring us to be accountable (if only to ourselves), and just for the fun of it. I can be as wordy as I want to the ether, without requiring anyone to respond!

Craft will feature this year, as will music, as that's how we plan to get through the year.

To fill in for those that don't know,
Brett and I and our two kids moved here, to north east Victoria exactly a year
ago, planning a two year hiatus in the country, a break from city life. We
had run our own furniture design and manufacture business for 10 years previous,
and were sick of being self-employed. We rented out our city house to a lovely
family, and moved into Brett's family holiday house in Porepunkah. Mostly the
first year went smoothly, Luca settled into school really well, I got an OK job, but for Brett work has been elusive.
Cut a long story short, we miss Melbourne a lot, its busyness, its energy, its food (Asian), live music, fresh food markets, art, craft...

So, anyway, we're committed to another year, and
wanna make the most of it!! We are living in an incredibly scenic part of
Victoria, opposite Mt Buffalo, and the views from our front door blow us away
every day, so we are NOT complaining one bit!!! Its a new year and changes are afoot!!