Monday, February 8, 2010

badges and cake

Where did that time go? Got out of the valley for a while. Apollo Bay and then to the top of Mt Buffalo camping for a week, gorgeous. Started some work at Boynton's winery, for second job, gotta pay off C/C somehow!

Brett designed these brooches he calls "tracks badges", and we've sent this image to some stores in Melbourne, hoping they will stock them. Bit of a Melbourne thing methinks, recycling old vinyl records, Brett cuts out central label, puts clasp on the back, and voila! For music and vinyl enthusiasts, or just a chick who likes pretty colours. Nice on boys too!!


Sunny had her fifth birthday. Love hanging with kids generally,
but just can't stand birthday parties for some reason.
All went well though. Check out Brett's catty cake!

 Kids started school, Sunny for the first time, Luca 
 in Grade 3.

Plan to work on the house up here a bit this year, 
put in carpet, and "bag" the interior brick walls in the
lounge. Those things we don't get time to do when
we just come up here for holidays.

That's all for now, meeting friend for coffee

 till next time


  1. Hey there Ms Clare! Good to see you in blogland! Mine has been very sorely neglected... maybe you will inspire my to pull my finger out and start posting more regularly again!

    Love the brooches- hope they go well.

    And Sunny is 5?! Where does the time go!


  2. Hey, Sherrin, I'm still a naive at this blog thing, just noticed your comment. Hey, you know you were the one to get me started writing a blog, so get cracking!!! I love yours, they are so lovely looking AND informative, AND inspirational, don't stop!!

    I am sad that Ash has been crying over school, will get Sunna to call him, you never know..wish they had been starting together...

    Love to all,